JWL seeks to advance economic development, social justice, a  culture of  human rights and democratization of the workplace.

 JWL strives to be a highly successful business that is recognized  as  the  best in the fields in which we operate.

 This  we  achieve  through:


�           Striving towards excellence in the services and products we offer


�           Supplying products of superior quality that present long term value to clients

�           Delivering  services  and  products  on  time




Founded in 1993, JWL is a company that services the industrial and  agricultural markets through the provision of quality products and services.

Being the authorized agents for various products in the industrial and agricultural sectors, we can provide our clients with a diverse product range coupled with after sales service and parts supplies.

We also provide solutions and consultancy services such as costing of maintenance plans, determining machine requirements, etc.




JWL has adopted a flat organizational structure with very small overheads to keep us competitive in the market without compromising quality of service.

Being owner managed, with two of the three owners directly involved in the day to day running of the business, clients are assured of the best personalized service possible.



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